The word Tantra derives from the Sanskrit language, where TAN means to expand and TRA means instrument so tantra means literally instrument to expand. Expanding the level of consciousness, expanding the pure love of yourself, expanding the reality fully in the present moment from a place of openness, expanding beauty, joy & pleasure, but also the pain and rawness. Your bright parts and your shadow sides.


Tantra also means weaving, which is related to the fact that tantra teaches us that the universe is one big web in which everything is connected with each other. Tantra is a life embracing philosophy, loosely defined as a path to liberation. It consists of a wide variety of practices. It teaches us that everything is sacred. Tantra is a way to awaken again the consciousness of pure love of yourself.


The most direct access to your life energy is through your sexual energy, but beware, tantra is not about sex, it is about intimacy and about celebrating your body and opening up your awakened self. The more intimate and aware you are of yourself, the more able you are to create deep and meaningful relationships with others and your surrounding. And I think we are all longing to connect more truly with others, especially now.


Tantra weaves together many different techniques, such as breathing exercises, body work, meditation, visualization, mantra’s, yoga, energy work, rituals, dance and movement, massage & chakra work.


Energizes your life force
Increase your sensuality and creativity Connect deeply to yourself and others
Develops your personality
Gives your grounding & presence
Leads to more consciousness
Brings you more in the heart
Makes you more playful and joyful
Boost intimacy with yourself and others
Brings you more into your essence.
Makes life more flowing and full of surprises
Removes blockages, conditions & dysfunctional patterns

What to expect

For now I work between the white and red tantra. It is the middle path of both of them. Lots of practices you can do on your own, but also with a partner. Sexual energy is part of this practice, but there’s no s*x act. The heart is the primary focus.

This part of tantra teaching us body awareness and to cultivate love without attachment, ownership or expectation.

Are you ready to open up your heart and start your healing journey?

Available in

1:1 sessions
For couples
Group workshops
(Bridal showers, birthdays, celebrating life with your friends, or anything else)


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