- My name is Rohima and I am here -

Hi dear soul,


My name is Rohima and I am here – to listen, to guide & to practice with you together.
Over the past few years I’m finally grateful for the woman who’ve I become today. Life. A rollercoaster. That might sounds familiar to you. We all know that life has it’s ups and downs. But as the famous saying goes; without darkness, there is no light. I truly believe that the darkness can make you a stronger person. Can make you even believe more in yourself. Can makes you shine your light brighter.


Yoga, meditation, tantra, journaling, singing, dancing and so much more are very powerful tools to make that connection with your mind, body & spirit. This work flames & fills my heart.


Let’s return to wild, fiercely loving, beings.


From my heart to yours,


...I faced all my demons...

A decade ago I thought I had everything that would make me happy – a good job, a nice apartment, a partner, a car and lots of friends around me. Until I realized there was something missing, something big. Which felt very important.


I faced all my demons and realized I did not love myself at all. I felt not good enough, I was looking for validation from everyone around me, I wanted to be loved, I wanted to be seen, I wanted to be heard.

I truly believed that all the negative self esteem I had, that all the judgements in my head were true. But along the way, along multiple vipassanna’s and inner work – I discovered my heart. Not only my beating heart, but my beautiful heart that is filled with love, kindness & joy. My heart that is wide open, to feel every experience a 100 times more, to go all in – with everything.

...it has changed my life...

Yoga came into my life in my late teens and it took me some time before I realized it was way more then a physical practice. Oh, how it has changed my life.


From working too many hours in the hospitality and wine industry, from waking up at 6am to start my morning practice.

From numbing myself with drinks and men, to feeling more complete then ever, sober and alone.


From then on I decided, I was ready. Ready to dive into this adventure of a new life, a new beginning. So my journey continued….

Experiences & training

  • Conscious communication w/ David Lurey – Netherlands
  • Reiki level 1 – Australia (Reiki level 2 soon-yay!)
  • Qualification PNF stretching (Stretch studios Australia)
  • Introduction to TRE – Amsterdam
  • Sexology 2022 – present – Amsterdam
  • Multiple 10 days vipassana (silent retreat)
200 hrs hatha & vinyasa

yoga training - India

100 hrs yin

yoga training - India

20 hrs yoga nidra

yoga training - Australia

50 hrs

tantra training - Amsterdam


Are you also ready to dive into this adventure with me?

I will never stop learning. I will never stop growing. All I know is that I want to live from my heart. Following my purpose. Sharing my experiences with you.

*I also love to bake vegan cakes (love to eat them as well!), I write poems, I sing loudly under the shower, I celebrate life, I enjoy every single present moment – I live joy, I love life*


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