Rohima from the heart

Hi dear soul,

It’s not a coincidence that you are here. No coincidence that you have found your way to this page.


Thank you for being here – thank you for reading and for taking the time to take the first step.
The first step towards coming home within yourself.


Are you ready?

To dive into this experience of exploring who you truly are. To dive into this experience of curiosity, acceptance and becoming whole.




As you might have read - yoga came into my life more then 10 years ago. I’ve followed trainings in vinyasa, hatha, yin, nidra & meditation, all over the world...



The word Tantra derives from the Sanskrit language, where TAN means to expand and TRA means instrument so tantra means literally instrument to expand...


PNF streching

I’ve learned this technique in Australia where I used to live for a few years. And I’m not kidding, but it can change your life...

Yoga, meditation, tantra, journaling, singing, dancing and so much more are very powerful tools to make that connection with your mind, body & spirit.

My name is Rohima and I am here – to listen, to guide & to practice with you together.


Over the past few years I’m finally grateful for the woman who’ve I become today. Life. A rollercoaster. That might sounds familiar to you. We all know that life has it’s ups and downs. But as the famous saying goes; without darkness, there is no light. 


I truly believe that the darkness can make you a stronger person. Can make you even believe more in yourself. Can makes you shine your light brighter.


-This work flames & fills my heart-

“The first time I’ve arrived at a yoga class with Rohima - it felt like coming home. What a beautiful appearance with a very warm voice. The voice is very important to me, especially if I lay in certain yoga poses. She is very clear in her communication and instructions, and if something doesn’t work for my body, she just lets me be. I will definitely recommend this yoga teacher.”



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